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Yay, weekend has arrived! Tell me, what are your plans today and tomorrow on sunday? Spending it the lazy way or do you got activities planned? This weekend my plan is to show you another 'before and after' post of my own renovations. The bedroom for now and the living room was online last week. It had a lot of views and great comments that I'm defenitely continuing to show you the work we've done.

So some of you might have seen previews from my bedroom before when I talked about the Kalani bed covers. The room on those pictures is looking a bit more cozy and warm than the onces I'm showing now, simply because when we just finished the renovations, the pictures we're immediately taken with the basic furniture and some quick decoration. But as in all rooms things have changed since then.

A nice fact to know is that this room wasn't meant to 'live' in at all. It was a typical attic with a entrance in the middle which you could access with one of those folded stairs. We closed that 'hole', changed the roof structure and made another stairway that comes out into the dressing room, which will defenitely be shown as well. And a Velux has been added for some natural light. By doing these changes the house has an extra room and all of the spaces are in use. It defenitely added more value to the house as well and now I got the biggest room for my closet.

And by the way: don't judge the before pictures. Thank God my parents took these with their little camera as I completely forgot about it. So no high quality, but a good 'before' shot anyways.

This room has been made in collaboration with Thiry Paints (Parquet Quickstep floor and Levis paint).

Furniture is coming from IKEA
Decoration pieces:
- Cushions and bed sheet: Ikea
- Blue box: Zara Home
- Frames with print: Cooee design and Paper Collective

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