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Tell me... What's your favorite place at home? Next to the dressing room, as we women all love it, and maybe the kitchen where you cook the most delicious food. My favorite is the bedroom and I'm sure some of you can relate to it. It's a room where we can rest and enjoy the calmness.

The bedroom is a place where you need to feel the coziness as soon as you walk in. Whether it's created with furniture or accessories, such as candles or dried flower in my case. The other option is to work with special bed covers and cushions to give your room that cozy feeling. And as we're talking about that, I would love to introduce you to KALANI.

KALANI is a new brand that creates bed sheets with organic, ethnical and ecological values. The design I choose was this stone grey bed cover and cushions made from cotton and silk. I can tell you that it is the first time that I sleep in this kind of qualitative sheets and lord I enjoyed it! It's so soft because of the silk, you don't feel it scratching to your body (almost like a second skin) and these two experiences are completely matching the name of the brand which makes you think of the French word 'CALIN', which means hug.

The design and color of the bed cover is soft and basic which means that it can be matched with more special cushions or plaids to give the bed and room more personality.
And be honest; who doesn't love to wake up and have breakfast in a soft, cozy and warm bed?

// KALANI bed cover - IKEA furniture and accessories.

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