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Alright, this feels great. Finally being aible to launch and introduce you to my new project in the interior world. Many of you who are reading this might now me personally or through the personal blog (The After Work Blog) and know that I have been dreaming about starting something in the interior world for a couple of years.

It actually all started since the renovations in the house I bought and the Home Project two years ago. These days and years made me realise that I not only have a passion for merchandising but also for decorating and interior. So it was about time to do something with my ideas and wishes. Or better said: it was time to start living my dreams and realise them. You get it now where the name comes from? Cause also you can start living and experiencing what you've always wanted!

You won't only find inspirational posts, ideas or DIY related stories. Also projects and collaborations in the interior and lifestyle world will be shared. So it is ofcourse my main goal to start working in this new world on my free days, beside my job in the fashion area.

Will it be easy? Probably not. But I'm so determined in making this project work, that I will do everything to achieve my goals and dreams. And if we can do this together, it will be even better. Find out on the 'About us' and 'Realise your dreams' pages how Start Living Interior will work and extra informations. And if you already have a project in mind to work on, just shoot! Every little help and support in the right direction will be welcome.

And not to forget: you will be aible to follow us on Social Media as well. An Instagram account and a Facebook page have been created for those who would like to support us and follow our daily updates. #startlivinginterior

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