Meet Cindy Van Dyck, a 24year old woman, living in Antwerp and the founder of Start Living Interior.

After being active in the fashion world for over 6years, 
mainly as merchandiser in retail where she made every store look as commercial and image-related as possible, she realised two years ago 
that interior is her big passion. Renovating her own house, decorating 
the way she wanted and working on making it a cosy and lovely home, 
were more than just dreams for her as well. And as she's not the only 
one with ideas and plans, she decided to create a business in which 
everyone can be helped with their interior related questions and projects.

This new concept is not only giving you a helping hand in making your dreams come true, whether if it's about creating your perfect dressing 
room or re-decorating the living room, but also a platform on which 
you find ideas, trends and many more. We are there in every step of the journey untill realised.

Every project we work on together will get the attention it deserves 
and will always be with mutual agreements.

If you would like to know more about the woman behind this project, we kindly invite you to discover the personal blog and Instagram.

And remember: Don't wait 'till tomorrow, start living now.

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