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We're almost a month online and it's amazing to see how many readers are sharing the same passion for interior and styling. Some inspirational posts have already been shared and personal renovations as well. And as it's growing each day, it's time to reveal a second project linked to this blog.

It's great to put different decoration pieces together, to give readers ideas and to even find those items. But we also understand that finding that exact or similar unique piece, which has inspired you, is quite difficult. That's why we launch our own webshop as well where you can shop all the decoration used on this blog that gave you ideas on styling.

Ofcourse there's a lot to see on the pictures or it might be already sold out. That's why we are open for requests. Have you seen the perfect frame, cushions or vase you were missing to complete your decoration at home? Mail us! We might still have it and make you happy with it.

You got curious right now isn't it? Well, day by day the webshop will be updated with new items. So you might have to be patient for a couple of days before that one unique piece shows up. But defenitely keep an eye on it cause we only have one of each and no stock!

- www.shopstartlivinginterior.com -

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